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Immaculate Transformations

Quality Wheel Refurbishment

Refurb Intro

A High Quality Solution

Whether you’re a professional in the automotive trade or a private vehicle owner looking to revitalise your wheels, Auto Dynamics in Sheffield can deliver the high-quality service and finish you are looking for. Want to know if what we do is right for you and how we do it? Read on for more and if you have any questions click on the any of the FAQ buttons or ask us on the live chat facility – we’re here to help!

Can it be fixed?

Our refurbishment services cover repair to damage caused by curbing, scrapes, scuffs and scratches to normal wear and tear degeneration such as delamination, corrosion and oxidisation. We also offer full colour change solutions as well as premium detailing or upgrading such as diamond cutting. 

Can it be fixed?

How we do it

How we do it

4. Prime

In order to expel any trapped moisture and gases from the wheel, it is then heated to 200 degrees for 30 minutes. Next, a powder coat primer is applied before the wheel is returned to the oven for a further 20 minutes for curing.

Intermediate Coat

Once the wheels have been removed from the oven, the base coat is applied in the finish of your choice. For this we use water-based paints as the choice of colours available is huge. Once applied, the wheel is returned to the oven for a further 20 minutes to cure.


6. Lacquer

To seal the base layer and add durability, the wheels are now ready for the all-important lacquer. For this, we use an acrylic powder clear lacquer which is extremely clear (not polyester, as this can have a slightly yellow appearance). Once applied, the final cure in the oven takes 20 minutes. Finally, your wheels are fitted with tyres and returned to your vehicle in pristine condition.

Why use us

While we are confident you will not need it, for added peace of mind our finish comes with a 12 month guarantee against defective materials/workmanship. We use only the best products available, designed specifically for alloy wheels to refinish your wheels to their original factory specification - In fact all our paints and powders are the very same products used by many of the automotive manufacturers. That’s why our high quality, durable finish cannot be replicated by mobile van operators using aerosols or otherwise, Car body shops and even industrial or jobbing powder coaters using industrial grade materials. But don’t just take our word for it – check out what people are saying below…

1. Strip

To achieve the best results in both finish and durability, thorough preparation is critical. That’s why at Auto Dynamics we take the time to carefully strip each wheel completely of its original coatings/lacquers. This stage is beneficial in that it provides an excellent surface for new coatings to ‘key’ to and it also exposes any hidden damage which may need repairing.

2. Repair

Once the stripping is complete, any sanding, filing or filling that may be required is carried out by hand. This ensures that nothing is missed so that the end result, is of the highest standard.

3. Shot Blast

To ensure any surface imperfections are removed, Auto Dynamics refurbishment technicians shot blast the stripped and repaired wheels. This creates a surface that the primer layer will adhere to. Any corrosion that may be present is also eliminated during this process.

... better than new ...

I approached Auto Dynamics to renew 4 of my alloys to our old Volkswagen Golf. The tyres were constantly losing air due to a poor seal caused by rusting internally and the alloys were very worn, kerb, bubbling and we thought on their way to the scrap heap. The results are fantastic - better than new and all sorted over the weekend and Monday. They also kindly waited past closing time for us to collect after a meeting overran. Top work.  

Peter Hughus

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