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  • On-site repairs and refurbishments in Sheffield, to return your alloys to their original condition

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  • Come and talk to us at Auto Dynamics in Sheffield and we'll help you get more life out of your wheels

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When comparing prices, it's important to remember not all refurbishers are the same. Our finish speaks for itself and combined with the level of service we provide, we believe our competitors cannot match us. Every wheel we refurbish is given the utmost care, attention to detail and quality control as the next. We strive to provide you with the best possible service and results. Our prices are as follows:

Free Tyre Removal & Refit

Free Valves

Free Wheel Balancing

Our finish comes with a 12 month guarantee against defective materials/workmanship. We are confident you will not need it, but it is in place for your added peace of mind. All our paints and powders are the same products used by many of the car manufacturers. You can be assured only the best products are used to refinish your wheels back to their original factory specification.

Our high quality, durable finish cannot be replicated by the following:
  • Mobile van operators using aerosols or otherwise
  • Car body shops
  • Industrial or jobbing powder coaters using industrial grade materials.
We only use products designed specifically for alloy wheels and are 100% the same as the products used originally on your alloy wheels from the factory.


Do you remove unsightly kerb damage: scrapes, scuffs and scratches?
-All kerb damage is removed by hand or using our automated CNC machines depending on its severity.

What if my wheels are corroded, blistered or oxidised?
-All corrosion is removed from the alloy during the stripping stages and once recoated and laquered will be completely sealed to prevent further oxidisation.

Can you refurbish 2 and 3 piece wheels?
-Yes, all wheel types can be accommodated and are completely disassembled, refurbished and reassembled.

Can you refurbish machine faced/diamond cut wheels?
-Yes, complete and part machined/diamond cut wheels can be repaired and refurbished.

Do you remove the existing paint finish?
-Yes the wheels are completely stripped back to the alloy, repaired if necessary and repainted through a multiple paint application process.

Can you match my original paint finish?
-We have a range of colours which will closely match your original paint colour at no extra cost. An exact paint match is available for an additional cost.

Can my wheels be refurbished in a different colour?
-Yes, they can be refurbished in a wide range of colours including black, gold, white, anthracite and many more.

How long is the process?
-The process varies dependent upon the finish and condition of the wheels, typical lead times are: Refurbish only - 3/4 days; Refurbish and repair - 5 days.

Will you fit new tyres to my refurbished wheels?
-Yes, we have a full tyre sales and fitting service and can offer a range of tyres at highly competitive trade prices.

Can you supply spare wheels while mine are being refurbished?
-Yes, in most cases we can supply ‘slave’ wheels for you to use while the refurbishment is taking place. A deposit may be required.
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